Grandmother and grandson playing in the living room.

Independent Living’s True Benefits

Today, 15%-16% of Americans are older than 65. That number is now expected to rise to a fifth of the population by 2050 – which means you can expect to see more and more senior living communities. More choices is good, but how do you familiarize yourself with those choices so you can select the community that best meets your needs? That’s where we come in.

Read on to learn about the many benefits of one of the most common levels of care you’ll find at senior living communities across the country – independent living.

What is independent living?

Like the name implies, independent living is all about maximizing your freedom. It might not be what you think of when you hear the phrase “senior living” – and it’s certainly very different from a nursing home or assisted living facility. Here’s the bottom line: When you choose independent living, you’re choosing a lifestyle that’s incredibly similar to the one you enjoy now. But living in an independent living community makes your life easier!

Consider these big benefits:

  • You can live every day your way. At an independent living community, you’re the one who calls the shots. Whatever you want to do, you can do it.
  • Life is a lot easier. Many independent living communities offer all-inclusive home maintenance, so you can spend less time with household chores and more time doing what makes you happy.
  • Friends are everywhere. At a senior living community, you avoid the common pitfall of living alone: the social isolation that can seriously and detrimentally affect your health. Plus, everyone loves to meet new friends, especially those with a lifetime full of stories to share.

Sound appealing? Then find out more.

An independent living community provides all the best benefits of living in your own home with few of the burdens of homeownership. At Victory Hills, for example, you’ll find a spacious setting and services and people to meet your needs.

With independent living, you can continue in the way of life to which you’re accustomed. But now you’ll find more friends and conveniences.

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