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What is an Active 55+ Community?

As you age, many different questions and opportunities arise. There are choices about retirement, living situations and taking on new hobbies or adventures in the next chapter of your life; some doors close, while new ones open. In making choices for your future, it is so important to consider what you want the senior years of your life to look like. Do you want to be close to family? Do you want to keep your active social life? Is owning a home still important? Do you want to travel?

Selecting a place to live that supports your lifestyle is a critical first step. There are many choices in senior housing that meet a variety of needs. When making a decision, you should explore communities that offer the amenities you want and support a lifestyle that brings you joy and gives you options for the future.

What is an Active 55+ Community?

One very popular option for senior housing is active 55+ communities. So, what is an active 55+ community? There are two different types of active adult communities:

  • Age-targeted. This type of community is marketed to seniors age 55 and older, but it is not limited to that age bracket.
  • Age-restricted. In order to fit this category, based on standards set by the Fair Housing Act, residences in these communities must have at least one person over the age of 55.

Options in a 55+ community can include single-family houses, patio homes, apartments, condos or townhouses. These residences can generally be rented or purchased and communities are often near restaurants, shopping and local attractions. Some 55+ communities have connections with other facilities that offer a higher level of care for residents as needed.

Generally, active 55+ communities are the right choice for seniors who are independent, healthy and socially active. If you enjoy social time, it can be a wonderful benefit to both your physical and mental health as you age. When considering an active 55+ community, be sure to have a clear understanding of regulations regarding who can live with you and any age restrictions.

Benefits of an Active 55+ Community

Once you know what is an active 55+ community, you may wonder about the benefits. For facilities like Victory Hills Senior Living Community, the lifestyle of the community is designed to meet your needs. There are varying price points and living accommodation choices. For Victory Hills and other active 55+ communities, other benefits include:

  • Limited maintenance responsibility. While maintenance responsibilities vary between facilities, communities like Victory Hills keep your responsibilities to a minimum. No more concerns about mowing lawns or weeding flower beds!
  • Amenities and activities. Age-qualified communities are known for their festive and fun social activities designed for seniors. These activities keep older adults active and engaged, leading to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
  • Instant peer group. Because you are living near other residents your age, it is easy to find a sense of community. At Victory Hills, we create activities to bring neighbors together and support you in finding a group of peers to enjoy.
  • A culture created for you. Active 55+ communities are created around the needs, wants and enjoyments of the age group they serve.

Choosing a Life You Love

In order to find the right place to call home, it is important to consider all the options. Ask yourself questions, such as:

  • How important is location?
  • What are your lifestyle needs?
  • What are the rules for the facility you are considering?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are your goals for the future?

At Victory Hills, we have a wide range of amenities and services to meet your needs. Come and explore our community and learn more by contacting us today.