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What Is Section 8 Housing? It’s Our Newest Apartment Offering.

Section 8 housing, also known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program, provides financial assistance to very low-income families and individuals to afford decent, safe and sanitary housing. Housing choices can include single-family homes, townhouses and apartments. Housing vouchers are administered locally by Public Housing Agencies (PHAs).

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) does not find Section 8 housing for people who wish to participate in the program. Instead, those people must find their own housing. In many cases, seniors may work with the housing authority office in their state to be a part of the Section 8 program. The program will either pay the full cost or a portion of participants’ rent.

Victory Hills Now Has Section 8 HUD Housing Approval.

Our 55+ senior living apartments now include some Section 8 options. Eligibility is based on annual gross income through HUD. Located near the Legends and Painted Hills Golf Club, our residences are designed exclusively for senior living and include community features such as a theater room, a library and resource center, a chapel and landscaped patio and garden areas. Your month-to-month lease does not require a large upfront endowment or entry fee.

What Are the Benefits of Section 8 Housing?

This federal government program for assisting low-income families, the disabled and the elderly makes housing affordable from the vouchers you receive to help with rental costs. The financial assistance can help alleviate the struggle and stress of paying rent. Section 8 has provided affordable housing to over 2.2 million people, paying out $17.5 billion in voucher assistance in 2016, according to HUD.

If you qualify to enroll in this program, you may think you would be able to receive your voucher and move into a new rental property within a few days or weeks. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, many cities throughout the country have more applicants who qualify for Section 8 than they have benefits to distribute. So don’t wait too long to inquire about your eligibility at our 55+ community.

How to Apply for Section 8 Housing at Victory Hills.

Seniors and others inquiring about Section 8 should consider their housing status, income level and resources.

To determine an applicant’s eligibility for low-income housing, a Section 8 representative will also take into account disabilities and citizenship status, among other factors. In most cases, the senior’s annual earnings must be less than a certain percent of the median income in the area that their new residence is in.

The Public Housing Agency will then determine how much the senior will need to live in low-income housing in the area. It is up to the senior to find low-income housing rentals where the landlord agrees to be paid through the Section 8 program. HUD pays the allocated money directly to the landlord. It is the senior’s responsibility to pay the difference between the amount given by HUD and the cost of rent.

If you are interested in applying for a voucher, contact the local PHA:

Section 8 Victory Hills Apartments Have a Range of Floor Plans.

Availability will change, but we are now leasing these apartments with all utilities included for Section 8 qualified seniors:

  • Studio: $678 per month
  • 1 Bedroom: $813 per month
  • 2 Bedroom/1 Bath: $978 per month
  • One month rent deposit before move-in
  • Background check required ($30 processing fee)

We welcome your inquiries. See if you qualify for our Section 8 residences now. Call 913-299-1166 today.